ThinkClr is an innovative product designed to help new F & B establishments quickly set up their operations. ThinkClr has a start up friendly pricing strategy.Our focus is to be a partner to aid your business. We will give you the technology for the business, so you can think clear and focus on your cuisine and the customer experience.



The kitchen is the nerve center of your operations. All the help that is needed to whip up a sumptuous meal to your customer is of utmost importance. The kitchen nerve center app gives you an overview of all that you need to deliver with keeping in mind time and smooth flow of food to the correct table.

  • Consolidates orders real time.
  • Indicates the Head Chef if there is a delay in a particular table.
  • Special requests of customers are displayed in the Kitchen app.


The POS system is an important investment for restaurant owners. No doubt, this is an essential factor. Gone are the days when the restaurant owners struggled with their traditional POS operations.With Thinkclr’s friendly interface they can take control of the following using both iPad and/ or a computer:

  •  Inventory
  •  Customize menus
  •  Table maps
  •  Sales reports
  •  Know your customer
  •  Employee management
  •  Order placing
  •  Payments
  •  Bill splitting


Technology has made it easier for people to follow their favorite eat outs. Customers increasingly use their mobile phones to connect with their favourite eat outs Thinkclr’s mobile app allows the restaurants to take the customer experience to the next level by allowing your customers to access your menu at the convenience of their location . Customers can quickly run through the entire menu or a customized menu in the future.

Most importantly be sure to alert your customers on special offers or new dishes.The mobile app also an important digital touch point for takeaways and/or deliveries. The mobile is also an extension to collect crucial reviews from on the service,food quality and ambience of your outlets.


Most restaurants rely on traditional means to attract business. Harnessing the power of the internet is vital in keeping abreast with the drastic changes is the marketing landscape. To stay ahead of the competition and maximize lead generation a solid web presence is a must.

Customers love easy ordering. Thinkclr’s web app offers exactly that!

From booking your favourite table at the restaurant to online ordering for a last minute gathering at your home. Do it all at a click!


Steward app allows waiters  to take orders intelligently and eliminate mistakes during the order taking process.

The moment orders are captured, the kitchen can get into production. This would save time and increase productivity of the restaurant. The POS is also immediately updated with billing information.


Email – orders@thinkclr.com

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